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The most simple prediction algorithm consist of combining the average of both teams from its home and visitor statistics respectively.

The average points for the visitor TEAM is calculated from the average of both, the visitor team points average and the home team visitor teams points allowed.

average_visitor=(average_visitor_team_score_as_visitor + average_home_team_score_from_visitor_TEAMS)/2);

The average points for the home TEAM is calculated from the average of both, the home team points average and the visitor team home teams points allowed.

average_home=(average_home_team_score_as_home + average_visitor_team_score_from_home_TEAMS)/2);

The points line is the difference of these two averages.

points_line=average_visitor - average_home;

The total points line is the sum of both averages.

total_points_line=average_visitor + average_home;

For example, the PREDICTION for the Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat:

Prediction from SPXS odds algorithm

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